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Leon was with Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, between 2001 and 2014. While he was with the MOE, he served as a secondary school teacher and had taken on leadership appointments such as Subject Head (Design and Technology) and Head of Department (covering) who oversees the development of the Art and Design & Technology curriculum and the professional development of the Art and D&T teachers in the department.

Leon arrived in Japan in 2007 under the AYF and Monbukagakusho scholarship. Before returning back to Singapore in 2013, Leon had completed the Master of Design (Environment and Heritage Design) and Doctor of Design (Environment and Heritage Design) in 2010 and 2013 respectively. Leon continued to serve in MOE as a secondary school teacher till the end of 2014. In 2015, he has founded DESIGN-RE-SEARCH LAB with the hope to continue to contribute to education through his research.

In April 2016, Leon has joined Kyushu University, Faculty of Design, as an assistant professor where he continues his education and research activities.

Design education curriculum
Development of design thinking skills,
Design of Learning Environment
Integrative learning experience and curriculum design.
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Setting against the backdrop of issues related to rapid advancement of technology, globalisation, intellectual property rights and environmental issues, L-LAB attempts to "re" search into the function of design with respect to humanity and environment through the lens of design and education.

The L-LAB is open to explore a wide variety of research themes so as to seek opportunities in reaching out to the following areas:
a. The opportunity and potential to nurture a next generation of people who would appreciate design
b. A further raise in the level of public awareness on the use and impact of effective design in all aspect of life
c. Be a catalyst to create a learning society through design related activities for the betterment of human society and environment

Together with our stakeholders, we look forward to make our society and environment a better place to live in.
Dr. Leon LOH
undergraduate (Year 4)

2018: 2 members
Main research areas:
- Research: The Developments of Tents used in Modern Japanese Mountain Climbing: Based on the Period from the Dawn of Japanese Mountain Climbing to Present Time
- Research: A Research on the Effectiveness of Educational Facilities for Design Education in Elementary School: An Example Based on Art Subject in Public Elementary Schools in Fukuoka City

master course

2019: 2 members
Main research areas:
- Research: Educational envrionment for design education in primary school
- Research: Redesigning learning environments to improve learning motivation